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Medical Benefits of Sour Diesel

Undeniably popular with recreational marijuana enthusiasts, this strain is a hit with the medical marijuana community for its potency and long-lasting effects

For medical purposes, this strain is used predominantly for stress

Some with ADD/ADHD and anxiety disorders enjoy this strain, but Sour Diesel has a tendency to cause paranoia when used in high doses

Inflammatory conditions like arthritis may also benefit from Sour Diesel, but don’t expect any heavy-bodied sensations

Uses of Super Sour Diesel.

  • The Super Sour Diesel strain has so far been confirmed as a good strain for chronic pain.
  • Super Sour Diesel is super fine for seizures.
  • It is as well good for anxiety.
  • It is good for nausea. Buy Super Sour Diesel online – Super Sour Diesel – Medical marijuana.

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